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    4. Welcome to the official website of Anhui Ruifu Stationery Co., Ltd.?。?!

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      Ruifu Stationery Product center

      Have advanced production lines, experienced technical backbone, perfect management mode, good reputation

      Ruifu Stationery . About us

      The company's main product office stationery long tail wallet

      Anhui Ruifu Stationery Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 as an export-oriented enterprise integrating production and foreign trade. Our main products are office stationery Binder Clips. After more than ten years of development, our company has gradually formed five major advantages in the industry.

      1. Scale advantage. Our company now covers an area of more than 15,000 square meters, with a standard factory building area of more than 10,000 square meters, more than 200 employees, and annual sales of more than CNY 40 million.

      2. Quality advantage. Our company has advanced production lines, electrophoresis, blackening, and spray paint production equipment, as well as strict quality system and technical force, and our products have been well received by the same industry and international customers.

      3. Regional advantages. Our company is located in Tianchang City, the east gate of Anhui Province. Tianchang City is adjacent to Yangzhou in the east and Nanjing in the south; moreover, Tianchang city belongs to one-hour metropolis circle of Yangzhou and Nanjing, also belongs to the hinterland of the economic circle of Yangtze River Delta; therefore, we enjoy convenient transportation and developed logistics.

      4. Price advantage. The company's scale advantage and regional advantage have created a strong market competitive advantage in product prices.

      5. Talent and service advantages. After more than ten years of accumulation, our company has cultivated a group of talented management talents and experienced technical backbones, which guarantees our product quality and after-sales service.

      Why do many customers choose us

      More than 10 years of deep cultivation in the industry, brand strength witness

      • the same manufacturer

        we are more focused on

        Founded in 2009, Anhui Ruifu Stationery Co., Ltd. is located in the Tianchang City (east gate of Anhui Province ), which is close to Nanjing and Yangzhou

      • The same cost

        our quality is better

        The company has advanced production lines, experienced technical backbones, perfect management models, and a good reputation

      • The same quantity

        We ship faster

        led by a group of top-notch managers, we accelerate the pace to meet international standards

      • same products

        we know better about your needs

        10 years of factory direct service experience, we know what you care about??what do you need??worry about what?

      • The same material

        Our products are more environmentally friendly

        The integrity, strength and product quality of the company are generally recognized by the industry.

      • The same design

        We have more specifications and richer colors

        We understand fashion, understand trends. In countless sleepless nights in the studio, we use our design to reinterpret the definition of warmth...

      Ruifu Stationery . Customization process

      One-stop service, saving time, labor and worry

      Demand communicatio
      Choose customized styles and patterns
      Manufacturing solutions
      Provide sample information and requirements
      Sign contracts
      Proofing to confirm the quality of pre-production samples
      quality control and order production
      production, distribution
      after-sales service

      Contact person

      Cell phone



      adhering to the quality of craftsmanship?along the way

      we look forward to working with you to perform wonderful!

      News center

      Focus on Ruifu Stationery, pay attention to new trends in the industry

      Ruifu Stationery . News

      Contact us

      • Address:Liutiao Village, Datong Town, Tianchang City, Anhui Province, China
      • Contact:Tao Xuelin
      • Mobile:+86-15056528666
      • Tel:+86-550-2392520
      • Email:ahrfwj@163.com
      • Website:www.ahrfwj.com

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