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      College entrance examination underwear hot sale, college entrance examination stationery out of stock, pray for "teacher" thousand yuan to come to do things for the candidates

      Release time:2020-09-22

      It was reported on June 5 that the 2017 college entrance examination has entered the countdown. While candidates and parents are preparing for the college entrance examination, many businesses are also aiming at business opportunities for the college entrance examination: ordinary pens, candles, underwear and shoes... as long as they have a relationship with the college entrance examination. , Have become hot commodities recently, not only the price is higher than similar products, but also sales do not worry. What's more, even superstitious "services" such as fortune-telling, feng shui, consecration, etc. are also linked to the college entrance examination, and even "online services" can be provided, which are quite sought after by some parents of candidates. College entrance examination underwear sells hot, college entrance examination stationery sells out of stock, pray for the "teacher" thousand yuan to come to the test takers    Thousands of dollars is charged for candidates to "do things" and see "feng shui"    In a college entrance examination online forum, a self-proclaimed "shentong studio" ID has repeatedly posted "College Entrance Examination Divination, Blessing, and Feng Shui" posts, which emphasized that "door-to-door service is available, but money is not refundable". A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily got in touch with him and invited him to come to the home to pray for the candidates at home as their parents. The ID agreed, indicating that the service must first be paid 1,000 yuan, "WeChat and Alipay are both acceptable." However, after a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily asked in detail about the qualifications, process, and effects of the "teacher", the other party refused to continue contacting him on the grounds that he was very busy recently. However, the "teacher" revealed that he had just done ritual for three college entrance examination candidates in Beijing recently, "all of them were invited by the parents of the candidates."    Searching for keywords such as "college entrance examination, feng shui" on Taobao can find hundreds of related products or "services." A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily got in touch with one of the stores marked in Beijing. After inquiring, it was learned that what he is best at is "come to the home to watch Feng Shui for candidates' families and help candidates get better results". This service is 500 yuan per time (limited to the fifth ring, plus money for the fifth ring). The reporter of Beiqing Daily used "family members to oppose" as the reason. After paying 500 yuan, he sent several indoor home photos to him, asking him to "give instructions online". After asking a few simple questions, the "teacher" gave two suggestions: put the transfer bamboo on the examinee's desk; the examinee should wear mainly white, avoid red and yellow, and the service will end. There are many "services" of the same type for the college entrance examination: some businesses sell the college entrance examination "pray for blessings". As long as the candidate provides information such as name, gender, and date of birth, the store owner will customize a "consecration charm" for him to "realize his wish" . The prices of these so-called "spirits" range from tens of yuan to a few hundred yuan. In order to attract customers, some businesses even indicate that they can "provide practice videos" and "live the opening process." The printing on the outer packaging of ordinary butter candles is usually "Foguangpuzhao", but some merchants changed it to "Golden List Title" and the price doubled. It can be seen from the buyer reviews of these products that the buyers are the parents or elder relatives of the candidates.    Ordinary tube top becomes college entrance examination underwear, which is said to be able to decompress candidates In recent years, Henan, Jilin and other provinces have implemented the “silent admission” regulations for college entrance examinations. In order to prevent cheating, metal detectors cannot sound the alarm when all candidates enter the examination room. Therefore, candidates are required to wear clothes and shoes without metal decoration. Underwear without metal hooks and underwires is required. Ordinary underwear and clothing can meet this requirement, but a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily found that "special underwear for college entrance examination" and "shoes for college entrance examination" are now selling well online, and some stores even sell more than 1,000 monthly. Searching for "college entrance examination underwear" and "college entrance examination special underwear" on Taobao can find thousands of women's underwear products, most of which are marked with "college entrance examination special underwear non-magnetic security inspection", "no metal college entrance examination special underwear security inspection" etc. . The prices of these products mostly range from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, which are 20% to 50% more expensive than ordinary products of the same type. However, the sales volume is quite good from the data displayed on the website.    Beiqing Daily reporter consulted several online shops selling "college entrance examination underwear" as a buyer. The customer service said that the underwear for college entrance examination is "non-magnetic, metal-free, convenient for security checks and comfortable to wear, which helps candidates to reduce stress." What is the magic of "college entrance examination underwear"? A Taobao shopkeeper confessed to a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily that they are actually no different from ordinary tube tops and sports underwear, "but they are mainly labeled as the'college entrance examination', even if they increase the price, they sell well." A parent of the candidate said , Some parents around me recommended this kind of "college entrance examination underwear", so I bought it with the trend. I heard that some classes even purchase them collectively. Although Beijing does not have a “silent admission” requirement, many Beijing candidates and parents also bought it.    blessing slogan don't put on "College Entrance Examination Stationery" sold out    In addition to wearing clothes and shoes, "stationery for college entrance examination" is also a hot commodity. The monthly sales of some shops on Taobao have reached nearly 10,000 pieces (sets). In some stationery online stores, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily saw that a certain brand "Blessing Exam Stationery Set" sold nearly 10,000 sets a month. This set contains 3 gel pens and refills, scribble pens, rulers, and rubbers, a total of 7 stationery. The price is 22.5 yuan. It is characterized by the words "Blessing" printed on it and the word "Go" engraved on the rubber. Another stationery brand's "Special Pen for College Entrance Examination" is printed with the words "Lianzhong Sanyuan", and its monthly sales volume has reached more than 9,000 pieces. "The stock has been out of stock several times." The customer service of the online store told a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily.    In a small stationery shop near Beijing No. 20 Middle School, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily saw a similar "stationery for college entrance examination." According to the shopkeeper, most of the buyers of this stationery are actually parents or relatives of the candidates. “Although it is no different from ordinary stationery and a bit more expensive, everyone wants to win a favor.”    "College entrance examination health products" sprint card before taking the test    In addition to wearing, some "brain supplements" under the banner of "helping college entrance examination" are also very popular. For example, a health care product called "Norwegian tuna fish oil" in an online store is priced at 249 yuan per bottle. The product introduction says that it can help candidates "sprint before the exam and improve memory." In order to promote sales, the merchants even offered a discount of "helping the middle school entrance examination, buy four free and one". The monthly sales volume of this product reached more than 1,300 pieces. Another product named "Nao Relaxing Capsule", its introduction shows that it "can improve memory", the price is 149 yuan per bottle, and the monthly sales volume in an online store on Taobao has reached 660. "Because the college entrance examination is coming soon, these health care products have been selling faster than usual recently. Many parents of candidates come to consult." A health care product online store customer service told a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily, "These health care products do sell faster during this time period. Out of stock."    Are these so-called "brain supplements" really effective? One candidate's parents said that they were mainly bought for "reassurance." "The child is under pressure, and I can't help much. Seeing my colleague buy it for the child, I thought I might as well give it a try-you can't owe the child." An examinee who ate the health care products given by his parents said: " I don’t feel anything when I eat it. They let me eat it and I just eat it." A reporter from Beiqing Daily learned that the State Food and Drug Administration recently issued a reminder on the consumption of health products for students, stating that my country has not yet approved any “brain-tonifying” health food, and there is no “magic bullet” for improving intelligence and academic performance in a short time. Parents and Candidates must not be superstitious about the so-called "brain-buying products", but must consume them rationally.

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