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      Public welfare in progress | Let children in the mountains use new stationery

      Release time:2020-09-22

      There is a group of children who grew up in the deep mountains of Ning'er and never stepped out of the mountains. There is a group of children who cherish every hard-won item around them, ranging from clothes uploaded from their brothers and sisters to a piece of fruit candy. There are a group of children, a stationery box, and a complete elementary school; There is only one centimeter left on the pen, put it into a small tube and fix it, pinch it tightly with your thumb and index finger to write; I accidentally lost the eraser and spit on it; Not everyone has a pencil sharpener, and a kitchen knife is generally used instead. There is a group of children whose childhood is like this, how can we not feel bad? This time, we stepped forward, even if there are thousands of mountains and rivers apart, we must send our care for this group of children. From April 7th to 9th, 1kg of old tree tea spring tea will be auctioned online for public welfare. The money raised by the auction will be used to purchase stationery, all of which will be donated to primary school students in Meizi Town Central School. This 1kg spring tea was personally picked by 4 volunteers from all over the country: Xin Xin, Wang Weimin, Zhang Qianqian, and Wei Hongyang during the "Waiweiqing Ancient Tree Tea · Public Welfare Tea Picking Tour" on March 15-19. Four volunteers ate and lived in Chashan. After 3 days of hard work, they picked 4.35kg of fresh leaves in Baiweiqing Ancient Tea Manor, and finally made 1kg of ancient tree tea dry tea. This time, they turned their labor into love and did their best for the local children. This time, I hope caring people can participate and pass on this love together. A box of simple stationery is enough to light up a child's heart. Ask them to write down the pinyin with a new pencil, measure the side length of the triangle with a new ruler, and draw the picture with a new watercolor pen. A box of simple stationery connects the distance between the children and their dreams. Volunteer's words: Wang Weimin: The three-day life in Chashan really makes me feel unfulfilled. Picking tea is a process of helping oneself purify the heart and learn. This charity event can help local children and do their best to let them have better learning conditions and grow up healthy and happy. Wei Hongyang: In this public welfare tea picking trip, I saw local children picking tea seriously. The smile on their faces reminded me of my children. I sincerely hope that through my own work, I can give them a better life. Zhang Qianqian: Swing tail Qing is my first love of tea. It was the first time I saw ancient tea trees. It was the first time I learned to pick fresh leaves with tea farmers. Under the enthusiastic teaching of the master, I personally fry the first pot of tea. The first pot of tea made by myself can be tasted by caring people and help children. This is a good start for me. Xin Xin: Baiweiqing is a very precious tea with a low yield. Because of its preciousness, I take great care of it and carefully harvest it. I hope this care and seriousness can express my gratitude to the caring people and build a beautiful dream for the children.

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