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    4. Welcome to the official website of Anhui Ruifu Stationery Co., Ltd.?。?!

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      "If you refuse the routine, you will play the big name" Jingdong Office Stationery 11.11 up to 10,000 yuan off

      Release time:2020-09-22

      Have you enjoyed watching the JD 11.11 live broadcast? The internet speed is too slow, and the celebrity products have not been grabbed? Don’t worry! On November 11, JD Computer Office launched a full range of office stationery products. "Grab an office artifact! Grab a magic coupon up to 99 yuan to buy 399 yuan good goods, fine stationery, office stationery, writing tools, fine books, document management, etc. Every 199 yuan will be reduced by 100 yuan, up to 10,000 yuan off. The random payment is up to 10 yuan off, and there are also limited releases of 100 yuan, 30 yuan, and 5 yuan coupons.    Event address: http://sale.jd.com/act/icme6WhA1j.html       Many discounts on currency detectors and currency counters Good assistant for financial work, money detector, money counter JD Computer Office 11.11 promotion, special offer to buy, buy, buy! Deli 3908 bank dedicated full intelligent voice alarm money detector/money counter 11.11 special price of 399 yuan on the day, the price is strong enough ;Kangyi JBYD-Q668B bank dedicated full intelligent voice alarm dual-screen currency counter/currency detector, bank dedicated, support new currency, professional configuration to make counterfeit currency, new currency fearless, Jingdong computer office 11.11 special promotion only 1299 yuan , Mobile phone exclusive price is 999 yuan; Qixin JBYD-2888C gold steward intelligent voice money counter/currency detector, mixed point total, USB upgrade, multiple counterfeit verification functions, Jingdong computer office 11.11 super special price 269 yuan, and superimpose every 999 The huge discount of 300 yuan is reduced, and the purchase is the sense of sight.    paper shredder, punch card machine special offer full discount Paper shredder, punch card machine, binding machine, Jingdong computer office 11.11 special offer "machine" can not be missed! Deli 9906 large-capacity multifunctional office paper shredder, long-time 5-level confidential paper shredder Jingdong special price 999 yuan; Sanmu SD9331D shredder The machine, German level 5 confidentiality, silent and no disturbance, net weight 12.5kg, black classic business quality, real materials, good helper for office, 11.11 on the day of Jingdong special price of 399 yuan superimposed on every 999 full discount, 300 yuan discount, enough; united MT -321N Microcomputer Paper Card Time Attendance Machine/Clock Machine/Clock Clock (No clock in when power is off), this is a good tool for reasonable management of working time, Jingdong Computer Office 11.11 special price is 229 yuan, and there are 100 sheets worth 11.11 yuan/packing Qixin F3505 300g High-quality double-sided attendance jam/punch jam/card clock jam as a gift. In addition, there is also a golden GD-50M binding machine with precise laser positioning. Financial voucher binding machine/file punching machine. Jingdong special price is 1529 yuan superimposed with a huge discount of 150 yuan for every full 999. After superposition, the price is so beautiful that you don't want to talk. Other people’s Double Eleven is buying, buying, buying, and wanting to cut your hands after buying. JD Computer Office 11.11 advocates rational consumption, and say no to impulse consumption! JD Computer Office 11.11 office stationery special, designed for people who work hard Office stationery, office equipment and other special offers are on sale! Work hard, and have a better life! Don’t hesitate, hurry up and log in to the JD Computer Office Activities page to grab your promotion and salary increase artifact!      【About JD Office】   JD Computer Office is the computer office business department of Jingdong Mall 3C Division. JD’s computer office business integrates four major categories: complete computers, computer peripherals, computer DIY and accessories, and pan-office printing and projection. Based on the principles of honest operation and genuine guarantee, JD’s computer office business matrix is ??built. JD Computer Office brings together high-quality global brands, and at the same time leads a young, fashionable, intelligent, and personalized life. It is committed to building a global provider of high-quality computer office products and services to create the ultimate shopping experience for users.

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