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      Can not be ignored! Are there any harmful stationery containing VOCs that can harm children?

      Release time:2020-09-22

      In recent years, the management of VOCs has attracted attention from all walks of life, and the various colorful stationery products on the market are dazzling. However, many parents and students did not realize that when choosing stationery, in addition to checking the safety hazards in the appearance and shape of the stationery, first avoid choosing stationery with strong fragrance or peculiar smell, because many volatile chemical raw materials VOCs (volatile Organic matter) is harmful to human health and can easily cause minors to have dizziness, drowsiness, nausea and other adverse reactions. "It's popular in my son's class to use a colored highlighter pen. The words written are colored, with shining silver dots. The written words smell good. Can such a pen work?" "Adding fragrance to stationery generally has two purposes: one is to enrich the performance of the product and attract children's attention, such as adding some fruit flavors that children like. The other is to cover up the peculiar smell of some low-quality raw materials." Experts suggest that the most Do not buy scented stationery for your child, so that it will not distract your child. Marker pen Markers are also commonly used stationery by children. In the daily inspection of stationery, it is found that the problem of aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene) in markers is more prominent. It is recommended that children use them sparingly, and never write on the skin even if they are used. “When you open the marker, you can often smell a strong smell similar to alcohol. This is benzene. The marker uses benzene as a solvent, and the price is relatively cheap.” According to the introduction, the national standard sets the limit for benzene in the marker. There is no regulation, but because benzene compounds have been identified as strong carcinogens by the World Health Organization, long-term exposure to benzene can cause chronic poisoning. Frequent exposure to benzene will cause the skin to become dry due to degreasing, some people will develop allergic eczema, and in severe cases, aplastic anemia may occur. Book cover, solid glue Contains phthalates, formaldehyde “Since last year, the quality of the book cover has attracted the attention of many parents of students. We have also found in our daily tests that the book cover contains phthalates (plasticizers)." Phthalates are A kind of plasticizer, mainly to increase the flexibility of the book cover. If it is a book cover made of PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene), it generally does not contain this substance; if it is a book cover made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), most of them can be detected because PVC plus plasticizer is A relatively low-cost combination can make the book cover meet the use requirements. According to experts, studies have shown that long-term close contact with phthalates may affect the health and development of the reproductive system. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers buy book covers. It is best not to buy the kind that sticks to the cover of the book. It is best to buy book covers. In order to avoid buying book covers made of plastic regrind, you should also check the clarity of the cover. The book cover looks fuzzy. "In the production process of solid glue or liquid glue products, formaldehyde is often used as one of the raw materials for polycondensation reaction. Because the reaction is not complete, formaldehyde will be free in the product. Formaldehyde is a world-recognized carcinogen, so it is recommended It is best to buy solid glue with PVP material, which will not release formaldehyde, while PVA material is easier to contain formaldehyde." Formaldehyde may also be present in the surface accessories of student schoolbags and pencil cases. If you find that schoolbags have a pungent smell, it is best not to use them. Or through long-term soaking, cleaning and ventilating to eliminate odor. Whitened paper Fluorescent brightener exceeds standard Frequent use of whitening paper will affect the eyesight of minors under strong light. Paper with a particularly white color is added with a large amount of fluorescent whitening agent, which is not easily decomposed, and will weaken the body’s immunity after being accumulated in the human body. At present, there is no standard for the content of fluorescent whitening agent for the workbooks used by primary and middle school students. In addition, long-term exposure to fluorescent whitening agents will increase the burden on the human liver. Note: When buying a notebook, you should buy environmentally friendly paper that is dry, tasteless, and yellow. Don't buy notebooks that are particularly white and a little dazzling. After buying a new notebook, put it in a ventilated place and cool it for a while. Scent correction fluid Chemicals containing benzene and ene The scent correction fluid contains toxic substances such as benzene, alkene and halogenated hydrocarbons, and is volatile. With the volatilization of the correction fluid during use, toxic substances can be absorbed by the body through the respiratory tract, causing problems in the nose, eyes and throat of minors, causing nausea, headaches and other symptoms. Long-term use may cause chronic poisoning and damage the blood and nervous system. Note: Try not to use or use correction fluid as much as possible. If you must use it, do not buy scented correction fluid. Do not splash the correction fluid on your skin or clothing during use, do not suck your fingers after use, and wash your hands promptly. Don't smell the correction fluid, let alone touch the correction with your hands directly. If there is a small amount of correction fluid on the face, use a little medical alcohol or Fengyoujing to remove it. Fragrance eraser Benzene and formaldehyde exceed the standard Many businesses mix benzene, formaldehyde and other chemical materials that are harmful to the body in the rubber production process to achieve the effect of adding fragrance. Long-term exposure to benzene and formaldehyde can affect the nervous system and make children lose concentration. Some can cause chronic poisoning, reduce immunity, and cause chronic diseases such as respiratory infections and asthma. Note: Educate children not to have the rubber in close contact with the lips and tongue. If a small amount of rubber foam is eaten by mistake, drink plenty of water or eat some vegetables rich in crude fiber to help excretion. Try not to buy rubbers without formal packaging, and try not to use rubbers with bright colors and pungent scents. You should use ordinary cream yellow rubbers with no smell. Poor quality pencil High soluble lead content Inexpensive colored pencils are usually made of unqualified materials. Most of the processing procedures are simple, without strict treatment, and the soluble lead content is high. After being bitten by a child, these inferior materials and harmful soluble lead will be slowed down. Slow absorption, through the digestive system into the blood vessels, will affect the child's brain development, damage the nervous system function, hyperactivity symptoms, lack of concentration, severely exceeding the lead will cause physical development delay. Note: Go to a qualified stationery store to buy reliable colored pencils. Do not buy pencils with darker wood and dull lead. Let the children develop good hygiene habits, do not bite the pencil tip, keep fingers touching the pencil tip as little as possible, and wash hands with soap after using the pencil. Use a knife to sharpen pencils less, and use an automatic pencil sharpener to sharpen pencils.

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